Annual Notice of Assessment

The Tax Assessors Office began issuing Tangible Business, Aircraft, and Marine Annual Assessment Notices on May 30, 2014.

Residential and commercial property 2014 Notices of Assessment were issued on April 4, 2014.

Georgia law requires that the County Board of Tax Assessors provide an Annual Notice of Assessment to the owner of taxable property. An Annual Notice of Assessment is not a tax bill. The notice informs the property owner of the current fair market value as calculated by the Board of Tax Assessors and the appraisal staff, as well as provides the property owner the assessed value (40 percent of the fair market value) of their property (O.C.G.A. 48-5-7). The annual property tax bill will be based on the assessed value (40 percent of the fair market value) unless subsequently adjusted following an appeal. The notice also includes estimated taxes that are based on the previous year's millage rate and the current year's value. The actual tax bill, which is usually issued in August, will be calculated on the millage rates set by the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Education for 2014. Those rates are usually decided between June and July after the Notice of Assessment is issued. Because this is only an estimate, your actual tax bill may be more or less than this estimate. The estimate may not include all eligible exemptions.

View your 2014 Annual Notice of Assessment.

Current laws also require we post a list of all of the Notices of Current Assessment which were issued but returned by the postal service as undeliverable.

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Annual Notice of Assessments.

Tangible Business Assets, Aircraft, & Marine Appeals

If your Annual Notice of Assessment is dated June 20, 2014, your right to appeal the current value listed in the notice expired on August 4, 2014.

If your Annual Notice of Assessment is dated July 18, 2014, and you wish to appeal, the deadline is September 2, 2014. Appeals must be made in writing and either hand-delivered to our office or USPS postmarked no later than September 2, 2014. There are no exceptions. The filing of your appeal can not be accepted via email or fax. Please use the provided form to file a 2014 appeal.

For more information, please visit the Personal Property FAQs page or you may contact the Personal Property Division at 770.822.7220.

Residential & Commercial Property Appeals

If your Annual Notice of Assessment is dated April 4, 2014, your right to appeal the Current Value listed in the Notice expired on May 19, 2014.

If your Annual Notice of Assessment is dated after April 4, 2014 and you wish to file an appeal, please contact our office at 770.822.7200 for assistance.

Check the Status of Your 2014 Residential & Commercial Property Appeal Here.

Amended Assessment Notices

Once our appraisal staff has reviewed your appeal, one of two actions will occur:

If our appraisal staff revises your value, you will receive a written Amended Assessment Notice by US mail. If you remain in disagreement with the revised value and desire to continue the appeal to the Board of Equalization, you have 30 days to notify us of your rejection of the change in value. You may indicate your acceptance or rejection of the change in value electronically on our website (click the link below) or by U. S. Postal mail. Your right to continue the appeal will expire 30 days from the date of the Amended Notice. The appeal information will be automatically forwarded to the Clerk of Court’s Board of Equalization to schedule a hearing for you. You will be notified by mail of your scheduled hearing date.

If the appraisal staff does not revise your value, you will be notified by US mail of your appeal being forwarded to the Board of Equalization. No action is required of you at this time.

Electronically Accept or Reject Your 2014 Amended Value Notice of Assessment Here.

Research Tools

Tax Assessor Property Data Search Tool: Visit the Tax Assessor’s property data search tool to research property, sales, and ownership information. This is the best place to research comparable properties that are used in the County’s appraisal process.

Countywide Geographic Information System: If after using the Tax Assessor’s property data search tool there is additional information you would like to research, check out the countywide GIS system.