November 19, 2014 DAC Meeting Cancelled
Please be advised that the November 19, 2014 Development Advisory Committee (DAC) meeting has been cancelled. The next scheduled DAC meeting will be on Wednesday, February 18, 2015.  Should you have an agenda item for an upcoming DAC meeting, please e-mail your agenda item to Kathy Thank you.
Thanksgiving Holiday Closure Notice
The Gwinnett County Department of Planning and Development will be closed Thursday, November 27 and Friday, November 28, 2014 in observance of Thanksgiving.
Department of Water Resources Amends Stormwater Pipe Material Standards
Questions regarding the changes to the Stormwater Systems and Facilities Installation Standards and Specifications can be emailed to For more information please click here.
UDO Amendment 2014-00001 Approved
The Gwinnett County  Board of Commissioners approved the first amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance(UDO) effective July 22, 2014.  Below is a summary of the key changes: 

•  Revised definition for Dwelling, Accessory. (Section 110-40)
•  Modifications to the Open Space Conservation District (OSC) to clarify open space credits,  preferred  plantings, transition area requirements, and to lower the minimum parcel area  requirement. (Section 21 0-50)
•  Modifications to Dimensional Standard Tables for MU-R, MU-C, HRR and R-75 zoning districts. (Tables 21 0.9, 230.1 and 230.3)
•  Modifications to the Table of Permitted and Special Uses. (Table 230.4)
•  Modifications to the Supplemental Use Standards to add requirements for Dwelling, Accessory and Hotel or Motel. (Section 230-130)
•  Addition of screening requirements for loading areas. (Section 240-130)
•  Modifications to Landscape Strip planting requirements regulations to clarify tree and shrub counts  in five foot  Landscape Strips. (Section 620-20)
•  Clarifications to No-Access  Easement Screening Requirements. (Section 620-80)
•  Modification of the Street  Construction Standards and Specifications for the paving details for New Local and Minor Collector Streets. (Section 900-70)
•  Update of the Standard  Drawing details.
•  Clarifications to Section 5-95 of the Appendix for Duplex and Multifamily Residence Districts.

A detailed listing of all the changes in the amendment (UDOA2014-00001) and the UDO may be found on our website at:

Revised Plan Submittal Approval and Final Plat Process Memorandum
Revised Plan Submittal Approval and Final Plat Process Memorandum (PDF)
Temporary Accessory Structure Permit Information and Application Form (PDF)
Effective February 25, 2014, per the Unified Development Ordinance, Section 230-130.4.C, all donation collection bins located within unincorporated Gwinnett County require a permit, must be located within zoning districts C-1, C-2, C-3, M-1, and M-2, or on the premises of a public building, library, school, or church in any zoning district, and must meet additional requirements. A separate permit application must be filed for each donation bin with a fee of $100.00 per bin. Applications are received and reviewed by the Development Plan Review Section of the Department of Planning and Development located at One Justice Square 446 West Crogan St. Suite 150, Lawrenceville, GA 30046.  Should you have any questions please contact the Department at 678.518.6000.

Temporary Accessory Structure Permit Information and Application Form (PDF)
Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)

Short Term Work Program Submittals (DRAFT)
Below is the Gwinnett County Short Term Work Program Report of Accomplishments for the 2009-2014 short term projects identified in the 2030 Unified Plan.  Also included is the 2014-2019 Short Term Work Program.

Gwinnett County Short Term Work Program Report of Accomplishments (DRAFT) (PDF)

Inspection of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
The Department of Planning and Development plans to make changes to the procedure for inspecting smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for one- and two-family dwellings effective 8/1/2013 (for smoke alarms) and 1/1/2014 (for carbon monoxide alarms). Click here for details.
2030 Water & Wastewater Master Plan

New Development Division Customer Service Hours
Beginning Friday August 10, 2012 Suite 150 and 125 Customer Service counters will open @ 9:00 am on Fridays. For more information, please see the memorandum below:

New Development Division Customer Service Hours (PDF)

Changes to the Special Inspection Process for New Commercial Buildings
Effective Monday, October 1, 2012, the Department of Planning and Development will implement several changes to the special inspections process for new commercial buildings in accordance with the Georgia State Minimum Standard Building Code (Chapter 17). Supplemental documentation prepared by design professionals, contractors, and special inspectors may be required during permitting and construction. Refer to the Special Inspections Program for details. Please contact the following persons for assistance:

  • Inspections - Joel Rodriguez (Inspections Manager) at 678.518.6035
  • Plan Review - Marcus Canada (Building Plan Review Manager) at 678.518.6043

State Licensing and Certification Information
Builder Licensing 

The State of Georgia requires a license from the State Licensing Board for residential builders and general contractors (Effective July 1, 2008). Please see the Georgia Secretary of State website for complete information. Additional information is available at the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association website.

State Contractor Licensing Information Package (PDF)

Erosion Certification

The State of Georiga has education and training certification requirements for persons involved with land disturbing activities. Anyone involved in land development, design, review, permitting, construction, monitoring, inspection, or any land-disturbing activity in Georgia must meet these new education requirements and be certified by the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission. Please see the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission website for complete information.

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