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2030 Unified Plan Final Reports

Listed below are links to the final documents for the 2030 Unified Plan. The final report consists of three sections and a summary. There are also links to the technical appendices including the Comprehensive Transportation Plan and the Consolidated Plan.

Watch the 2030 Unified Plan Video

The Gwinnett County 2030 Unified Plan will guide future land use and community development decisions in the County through 2030 and address housing and homeless needs for the period 2008-2012. Click here to watch a short video describing the Plan and the planning process in general.

Reports and Documents

  • The Community Participation Program (PDF) document presents the public participation component of the 2030 Unified Plan including identifying community stakeholders, creating a citizen Planning Advisory Committee, forming an internal Technical Advisory Committee, conducting public information meetings, disseminating information through this website, periodic press releases, legal advertisements, and the County's cable television channel, and scheduling the final required public hearings.