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Inclement weather update
Gwinnett County provides information for the general public on the status of County operations on the County website​ and the government access cable channel during inclement weather events. Information is posted on these channels as soon as possible.
While we often think of inclement weather as only involving ice or snow storms, other weather conditions such as tornados and flooding can interfere with normal day-to-day operations. You may want to consider visiting the website ready.gov/make-a-plan to learn how your family can prepare for severe weather events and other emergencies.

About Health & Human Services
This division coordinates health and human services including senior services programs provided in three senior centers, one satellite senior center, support services and meals for seniors at home, operates two human service centers and one community center, oversees the health and human service subsidy budget, collaborates with community agencies such as the Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services, and other partnerships to serve the needs of the community.

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Buford Human Services Center
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Norcross Human Services Center

Buford Human Services Center
Centerville Community Center
Norcross Human Services Center


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Our Mission
Gwinnett County Health and Human Services partners with the community to provide senior citizens, families, and individuals with opportunities to participate in quality services to improve their health and well-being.

Health and Human Services Documents & Reports
2014 Health and Human Services Annual Report
2013 Health and Human Services Annual Report
2012 Health and Human Services Annual Report