Inclement weather update
Gwinnett County provides information for the general public on the status of County operations on the County website​ and the government access cable channel during inclement weather events. Information is posted on these channels as soon as possible.
While we often think of inclement weather as only involving ice or snow storms, other weather conditions such as tornados and flooding can interfere with normal day-to-day operations. You may want to consider visiting the website to learn how your family can prepare for severe weather events and other emergencies.

Buford Senior Center
The Buford Senior Center is full of friendly seniors, fun, and cheer. The center is a safe and fun gathering place for adults aged 60 and older and consists of planned activities such as exercising, arts and crafts, games and interesting day trips to various locations. Attendees are served hot, balanced lunches during the weekdays. The center also hosts various guests who perform and entertain or speak about medical, financial and consumer issues important to seniors. All activities take place in a group setting allowing the seniors to form friendships with others. There are no individual membership fees but some special classes and trips have small costs. Limited transportation is available. For more information about the Buford Senior Center or on how to become a senior client, call 678.225.5367.

Buford Senior Center
2755 Sawnee Ave
Buford GA 30518-2560

Calendar of Events and Classes

Please note: Days and times of various activities are subject to change. The following calendar displays activities held at the center for current participants. If you 60 years or older and are interested in becoming a participant at Buford Senior Center, you may contact them at 678.225.5367.

Feb Calendar of Events (PDF)
Feb Highlights (PDF)

Directions to the Buford Senior Center.