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Park Ordinances & Rules

Our goal is a fun and safe environment appropriate for children and families. We ask that our patrons behave courteously by following park rules and park ordinances.

Park Rules
Playground Rules
Dog Park Rules
Equestrian Trail Rules
Skate Park Rules
Trail Rules
Park Ordinances
Photography/Film Rules

Park Rules
  • Park hours are from sunrise until 11:00pm, unless posted otherwise
  • Fires are restricted to park grills and fire rings unless otherwise posted or approved
  • All pets must be on a leash, except in designated dog park areas
  • Place animal waste in trash containers
  • Vehicles and parking are restricted to designated areas and by recreation facility users only
  • No amplified sound, except by permit
  • Pyrotechnics and engine powered models or toys are restricted
  • Caution – Pedestrians have the right-of-way
  • Launching hot air balloons and hobby rockets is restricted
  • Commercial activity is restricted. It is unlawful to offer items for sale except by permit
  • Swimming, bathing and wading prohibited unless in areas designated for such use
  • County parks are for everyone to enjoy. Do not deface, destroy or remove plants or County property
  • Georgia Bicycle Helmet Law (OCGA 40-6-296) is enforced
  • Feeding or harassment of wildlife is prohibited
  • Call 911 for emergency assistance

Prohibited in Parks:

  • Littering
  • Throwing objects
  • Annoying noises
  • Possession, use or consumption of alcoholic beverages

Playground Rules
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • No pets allowed at the playground area
  • All playgrounds are tobacco-free play zones
  • Please use playground components that are appropriate for the age and ability of the child
  • No skateboards or roller blades on playground
  • Please report damaged or unsafe items to Parks and Recreation at 678.277.0931
  • Please play safely, share, and enjoy

Dog Park Rules

All rules are enforceable under the law.

  • Dogs must display current rabies tag
  • You are responsible for any damage or injury caused by your dog. Gwinnett County shall not be held liable for any injury or damage caused by a dog. Use at your own risk
  • Dogs should be under voice command
  • Always clean up after your dog
  • Fill any holes made by your dog
  • Limit three dogs per owner
  • If your dog becomes unruly or plays rough, short leash your dog immediately
  • Call Animal Control at 770.513.5700 with questions or complaints about animals in the Dog Park area 

Prohibited in Dog Park:

  • Aggressive dogs
  • Dogs in heat
  • Unsupervised or running children
  • Food (human or animal) or glass containers
  • Dogs with contagious conditions or illnesses
  • Use of any tobacco products

Equestrian Trail Rules
  • Trails open from sunrise to sunset
  • Ride only on marked equestrian trails
  • Shortcuts or new trails prohibited
  • Horses must be controlled at all times
  • Pedestrians step aside for equestrians
  • Use caution and watch for pedestrians
  • Proof of current Coggins required on all horses in park
  • Horses shall always be attended, tie only in designated areas
  • Horses prohibited in pavilions
  • Move all hay and manure from parking area to compost
  • Place hay and manure in compost bin
  • Call 911 for emergency help

Skate Park Rules

Warning: Skateboarding and skating are hazardous recreational activities. Use of this facility may result in death, paralysis, brain damage, concussion, broken bones, or other serious injuries. Use at your own risk. Gwinnett County does not assume any responsibilities for injuries.

  • This facility is not supervised. Use at your own risk
  • Children 15 and under required to wear strapped helmet at all times
  • All users should wear helmets, wrist guards, knee, and elbow pads
  • All organized events must obtain a Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation permit
  • Plants and property are here for everyone's enjoyment. Please assist in keeping this area clean
  • Call 911 for emergency assistance or to report illegal activities

Prohibited in Skate Park:

  • Alcohol and tobacco products
  • Introduction of other elements or altering existing elements in the Skate Park area
  • Food, drinks and glass containers
  • Pets
  • Bicycles (Unless within Skate Parks designated for Bicycle Use) and motor driven equipment
  • Profanity and fighting
  • Amplified sound, except by permit

Trail Rules
  • Trails open from sunrise to sunset
  • No motorized vehicles
  • Motorized personal mobility devices permitted
  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way
  • Bike and skate speeds must be controlled to prevent unsafe conditions
  • Keep right of center and pass on left
  • Announce yourself as you approach from behind. Example: "On your left!"
  • If you stop, get off the trail
  • All pets must be on a leash and kept right of center. Place animal waste in trash containers
  • For trail closure information, call 770.978.5270
  • Call to report maintenance and safety problems: 678.277.0931
  • Call 911 for emergency assistance

Prohibited on Trails:

  • Littering, please use trash containers

Photography/Film Rules

Georgia's tax incentives are among the top in the nation. Located within Atlanta’s metropolitan area, Gwinnett Parks and Recreation is an easy-to-reach, East Coast locale with a great variety of woodlands, lakes, sports fields, historic structures, and facilities that can “stand-in” for locations around the world.

By using our parks for motion pictures or television programming, you can be close to Atlanta, while being strategically located far enough away from metropolitan areas. Discover our remote and not so remote locations that are available for motion picture and television filming in Georgia.

View our locations that are ready to make your artistic vision a reality and your production a success.


1. Photographers/film makers must provide proof of insurance coverage (Certificate of Insurance)

2. Park Rules/Park Ordinances: All activities must be in compliance with the park rules and ordinances

3. Filming is not permitted where it may compromise the privacy of park patrons (ex: comfort stations and locker rooms) or unduly restrict use or access, unless such locations are rented for sole use of the filming company.

Fees for commercial use during regular park hours are as follows:

  • Motion Picture, Motion Television, or Video: $150/day
  • Still photography: $75/day
  • Additional fee for expedited processing if less than 48 hrs processing time is required. Late applications processed at the discretion GCPR: $75
  • Fees may apply for special requests and exceptions

There is no fee for non-commercial personal use photography at any of the parks.

If you require assistance in obtaining a permit or have any additional questions, please contact:

For all filming requests for locations outside of Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation facilities, please email