Objectives of the Gwinnett County D.A.'s Office
The District Attorney is the chief prosecution officer of the County. Under the constitution and laws of the State of Georgia, he is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of all crimes committed in the County. The District Attorney is an elected official, accountable to the voters for the performance of his prosecutorial duties.

The objective of the Gwinnett County District Attorney's Office is to provide fair, effective and expeditious investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses within the County.
  • To conduct the prosecution of criminal matters in the Superior and Juvenile Courts of the County.

  • To investigate, prepare and present all felony cases referred to the Grand Jury and conduct special investigations initiated by the District Attorney's Office.

  • To represent the People in all appeals, legal motions and special proceedings relating the prosecution of defendants within the County.

  • To vigorously prosecute public servants and those within criminal justice system who would abuse and violate their public trust and public integrity.

  • To bring to justice those who abuse the vulnerable such as women and children.