Trial Division
The Trial Division is the heart of the District Attorney's Office. Here, attorney, investigators, and support staff all are assigned to the same court work together to investigate, screen, and prosecute cases before each of the Superior Court judges in Gwinnett County.

The Gwinnett District Attorney's Office has three Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorneys, Lisa Jones, Tracie Cason and Rich Vandever. Each Deputy Chief ADA coordianates and supervises his or her assigned Trial Section which is made up of multiple trial divisions. In turn, each trial division is supervised by a Supervising ADA responsible for the coordination of all prosecutions assigned to one of ten Superior Court Judges. In addition to the three Trial Sections, there is a special team section that is dedicated to the prosecution of drug cases. Known as the Drug Task Force Section, it is overseen by Dan Mayfield, Chief Assistant District Attorney.

The three Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorneys, along with the Chief Assistant District Attorney and the District Attorney, rotate on-call status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist any law enforcement organization working in Gwinnett County. In addition, the Deputy Chief Assistants are responsible for managing all Grand Jury presentations, preliminary hearings and the Fast Track program.