Gwinnett County Victim Witness Program
Many exciting changes have taken place over the last several years that have provided a new day for Georgia's crime victims. Gwinnett County has been and continues to be a leader in ensuring that crime victims receive those rights that are afforded to them under Georgia law.

No longer are crime victims kept at a distance from the criminal justice and judicial systems, but are now in the forefront of the information that is needed. The Gwinnett County Victim Witness Program is a full service program that begins when the crime is reported and only ends at the final disposition of the case.

Criminal victimization, while not an experience that any of us hope for, can at least be less traumatic when the proper information is available. It is our goal that all crime victims in Gwinnett County will have that information available to them when needed.

Under the Crime Victim's Bill of Rights, a list of these mandated notifications and victim rights are available to anyone who has been victimized. If you have questions as a crime victim, or as a witness to a crime, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (770) 822.8444. We are available to assist you in any why that we can.

Candice L. Pitman, Director
Victim Witness Program

The objective of the Gwinnett District Attorney's Victim Witness Unit is to provide the best possible services to all persons who fall victim to crime in Gwinnett County. This includes insuring that victims are afforded all those rights that are mandated by the "Crime Victims' Bill of Rights" enacted in 1995.

Our goal is to pursue justice on behalf of the victim and to provide the best possible support as their case proceeds through the criminal justice system. This support is a cumulative effort of all divisions of the District Attorney's Office.

As a crime victim, you may be in need of other information. Call the Victim Witness Program at 770.822.8444 or one of the following agencies:

Partnership Against Domestic Violence

Department of Family and Children Services 678.518.5500
Gwinnett County Juvenile Court 770.619.6300
Gwinnett County Magistrate 770.822.8088
Gwinnett County Police 770.513.5000
Gwinnett County Solicitor 770.822.8300
Gwinnett Detention Center 770.619.6700
Gwinnett Juvenile Probation Unit 770.619.6020

Your Rights
Victims and Witnesses have the right:
  • to be treated with dignity and compassion
  • to protection from intimidation and harm
  • to be informed about the criminal justice process
  • to be notified of parole decisions

Our office is located on the second floor of the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center in the District Attorney's Office. Office hours are 8:30am – 5:00pm.