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The Victim Witness Program of the Gwinnett County District Attorney's Office has initiated a new program to aid victims of crime. "Project Precinct" puts informational centers in all Gwinnett city and county police precincts. The centers contain literature and brochures informing people of their rights and benefits under the 1995 Crime Victims' Bill of Rights. The program also places volunteer advocates in all precincts for a few hours every week. The advocates will not only be able to distribute literature, but they will be able to inform victims on the status of their case via laptop.

The project was started under the guidance of Victim Services Director, Stan Hall. The purpose of the project is to allow easier and more convenient access to individuals by providing them with information close to home. The program is a bold step which allows victim services to be taken outside directly to the victim. Similar programs have proven to be successful in other cities.