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Volunteer Interpreter?s Program
The Gwinnett County District Attorney's Office and the Gwinnett County Police Department provide a volunteer interpreter's force for Gwinnett County's non-English speaking population. These volunteers ride with the police officers and provide on the scene interpretation to crime victims and witnesses whose information is needed for the investigation of the case.

Current volunteers provide translation services for a variety of languages including Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese and others. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in this program, please contact the District Attorney's Office. In order to volunteer, you must be fluent (speaking, reading and writing) in the language that you would be providing translation for. Training for this program will be provided by the District Attorney's Office. Criminal background checks are required for these volunteers.

Requirements for Volunteers
  1. Must speak English fluently
  2. Must speak another language fluently
  3. At least 21 years old
  4. Must legally reside in the United States
  5. Must pass a criminal history check with no arrests on their record in order to participate

To volunteer, contact the District Attorney’s Office.