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Solicitation Notice
To be placed on the bidder's list for any solicitation, please contact the Purchasing Associate. 

It is your responsibility to have all applicable addenda before you submit a bid or proposal. To check for addenda, please click in the left navigation column. 

You can also find responses (apparent low bidders) by clicking in the left navigation column.

Bids & RFPs Listing

S.No. Bid Number Opening Date & Time Buyer Email Number of Hits
1 BL108-17 NOT 11/20/2017 03:00 PM EST 5
Lawrenceville Senior Center Roof Replacement Project
2 BL101-17 NOT 11/17/2017 03:00 PM EST 3
Playground Renovations at Mountain Park and George Pierce Parks
3 BL102-17 NOT 11/16/2017 03:00 PM EST 3
EE Robinson Park Maintenance Building Improvements
4 BL109-17 NOT 11/16/2017 03:00 PM EST 1
Construction of Alexander Park Phase II
5 BL096-17 NOT 11/14/2017 03:00 PM EST 78
Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center Auditorium Audio Visual Upgrade Project
6 BL103-17 NOT 11/13/2017 03:00 PM EST 78
Construction of the Big Flat Creek Pump Station
7 BL105-17 INV 11/08/2017 00:00 AM EST 22
Purchase of Carbon on an Annual Contract
8 RP023-17 INV 11/07/2017 03:00 PM EST 16
Provide Veterinary Medical Services for the Animal Welfare & Enforcement Division
9 BL100-17 NOT 11/03/2017 03:00 PM EST 81
Tuggle Road 2-Inch Water Main Replacement
10 BL094-17 NOT. 11/03/2017 03:00 PM EST 93
Construction of Club Drive Park Phase II for
11 BL093-17 NOT 10/27/2017 03:00 PM EST 66
Lanier Filter Plant Fiber Expansion
12 BL099-17 NOT 10/26/2017 03:00 PM EST 81
Sugarloaf Parkway (From Kendall Park Drive to Longmont Drive) / (Walmart Driveway to Dunhill Drive)(From Dunhill Drive to Cedar Hill Elementary School Entrance) and Sugarloaf Parkway (From Downyshire Drive to SR 124) Pedestrian Improvement Project
13 BL095-17 NOT 10/26/2017 03:00 PM EST 80
Peachtree Corners Library HVAC Replacement Project
14 RP027-17 INV 10/25/2017 03:00 PM EST 67
Provide On-Call SCADA Conversion Pre-construction and Construction Services on an Annual Contract
15 BL086-17 INV 10/24/2017 03:00 PM EST 73
Provision of Cleaning and Testing Services for the Firing Range Complex on an Annual Contract
16 BL073-17 NOT 10/23/2017 03:00 PM EST 129
F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center Lab Improvements.
17 BL098-17 INV 10/16/2017 03:00 PM EST 9
Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Hoists and Cranes on an Annual Contract