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Solicitation Notice
To be placed on the bidder's list for any solicitation, please contact the Purchasing Associate. 

It is your responsibility to have all applicable addenda before you submit a bid or proposal. To check for addenda, please click in the left navigation column. 

You can also find responses (apparent low bidders) by clicking in the left navigation column.

Bids & RFPs Listing

S.No. Bid Number Opening Date & Time Buyer Email Number of Hits
1 BL071-17 NOT 08/24/2017 03:00 PM EST 76
Lena Carter Road New Water Main Installation
2 BL070-17 NOT 08/22/2017 03:00 PM EST 52
48 Inch Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Replacement (I-85 at SR 324).
3 BL069-17 NOT 08/21/2017 03:00 PM EST 46
Shoal Creek Filter Plant Ozone Contactor No. 2 Rehabilitation.
4 BL072-17 NOT 08/14/2017 03:00 PM EST 31
Construction of the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center Plaza
5 BL068-17 NOT 08/07/2017 03:00 PM EST 22
Provision and Installation of an Integrated Paging System for the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center
6 RP018-17 INV 08/03/2017 03:00 PM EST 159
Provision of Interpreter Services for the Gwinnett Judicial Circuit on an Annual Contract
7 BL065-17 INV 08/02/2017 03:00 PM EST 33
Liferay DXP Enterprise Subscription and Support on an Annual Contract
8 RP019-17 INV 07/31/2017 03:00 PM EST 103
System Integration Services under the DWR SCADA Conversion Program on an Annual Contract
9 BL067-17 Cancellation 07/26/2017 03:00 PM EST 5
Provision of Detention Pond Inspection, Maintenance and Repair on an Annual Contract