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Gwinnett County offers storm debris removal along county, state roads

To assist residents with disposal of yard debris caused by Tropical Storm Irma, Gwinnett County will provide free storm debris removal along county and state roads.
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Solicitation Notice
To be placed on the bidder's list for any solicitation, please contact the Purchasing Associate. 

It is your responsibility to have all applicable addenda before you submit a bid or proposal. To check for addenda, please click in the left navigation column. 

You can also find responses (apparent low bidders) by clicking in the left navigation column.

Bids & RFPs Listing

S.No. Bid Number Opening Date & Time Buyer Email Number of Hits
1 BL086-17 INV 10/24/2017 03:00 PM EST 33
Provision of Cleaning and Testing Services for the Firing Range Complex on an Annual Contract
2 BL073-17 NOT 10/23/2017 03:00 PM EST 34
F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center Lab Improvements.
3 BL092-17 INV 10/16/2017 03:00 PM EST 55
Provision of Landscaping Maintenance Services at Various Gwinnett County Facilities on an Annual Contract
4 RP026-17 INV 10/12/2017 03:00 PM EST 54
Provision of Banking Services on an Annual Contract
5 BL090-17 NOT 10/09/2017 03:00 PM EST 86
Lanier Filter Plant Raw Water Reservoir Dam Improvements
6 BL089-17 NOT 10/06/2017 03:00 PM EST 64
Construction of 48" Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) Replacement (Grayson Tank to New Hope Road)
7 BL081-17 INV 10/05/2017 03:00 PM EST 73
Provision of Meter Reading Services on an Annual Contract
8 BL077-17 NOT 10/04/2017 03:00 PM EST 37
Pinckneyville Community Center HVAC Replacement Project
9 RP020-17 INV 10/03/2017 00:00 PM EST 216
Provide Design Services and Construction Document Development for the I-85 at McGinnis Ferry Road Interchange
10 BL078-17 INV 09/29/2017 03:00 PM EST 99
Purchase of Computer Hardware, Printers, File Servers, and Peripheral Equipment on an Annual Contract
11 BL087-17 INV 09/28/2017 03:00 PM EST 53
Provide Bridge Rehabilitation Services
12 BL091-17 NOT 09/28/2017 03:00 PM EST 63
Demolition of the Gwinnett Recycling Center Project
13 BL084-17 NOT 09/25/2017 03:00 PM EST 172
Mountain Park Sports Field Renovation
14 BL083-17 NOT 09/22/2017 03:00 PM EST 281
Gwinnett County 2017 Airport Improvements Project
15 BL082-17 REJECTION NOT 09/21/2017 00:00 AM EST 3
Purchase and Installation of a Commercial Dishwasher