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To provide high-quality support and timely, accurate data to county decision makers and citizens on budgetary, financial, cost, and economic issues; To develop and manage a structurally-balanced annual budget and five-year plan; To bring and manage additional revenue for Gwinnett County departments through funding from federal, state, and local grant agencies; and, to provide full lifecycle grants management services to Gwinnett County departments through the process of grant research, monitoring and oversight, technical assistance, and reporting.

  • To create a seamless infrastructure of financial service to our customers.
  • To maximize the effectiveness achieved with each dollar of county resources through continuous improvement in resource allocation, analysis, financial services, and execution.
  • To increase the organization’s ability to identify and pursue grant opportunities and funding.
  • To efficiently manage and oversee grant awards in a central location.
  • To provide the knowledge, training, and resources needed to enhance county staff's grant related skills.

  • Trust - We believe in the stewardship of public resources through budget policies that protect the public interest, and we are committed in building trust with the County's departments.
  • Value - We strive to add value, accuracy, and timeliness in our processes.
  • Results - We strive to focus our efforts on programs and services that advance the departments' initiatives and community needs.
  • Integrity - We work to be honest and forthright and maintain the highest ethical standards.
  • Excellence - We strive for continuous improvement and respond rapidly to change.
  • Collaboration - We seek opportunities to work with others who support our mission and goals,  and to enhance our work through partnerships.