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Fire Compliance Inspections for Existing Buildings

Fire Compliance Inspections are inspections of existing buildings and facilities in operation, with a current Certificate of Occupancy, prioritized and scheduled by the Fire Marshal’s Office.  

Certain commercial occupancies are inspected at varying intervals by Gwinnett County Community Risk Reduction, Prevention and Enforcement (Fire Marshal’s Office) to verify continued compliance with fire and life safety codes and standards. Maintenance of a fire-safe facility can reduce the probability of a fire and reduce loss of life and property should a fire occur. Occupancies to be inspected are selected based on state mandates, historical data, the potential risk of fire to occupants, and requests by business owners.

The following existing occupancies are inspected regularly: Educational, Day-care, Residential Board and Care (Personal Care), Apartments, Hotels, Bars and Restaurants selling alcohol by the drink, Large Places of Assembly, and Large Mercantile Facilities. Additional existing facilities are inspected periodically.

An important part of our mission is to assist existing facilities in preparing for fire inspections by offering pre-inspection information, education, and other assistance. Pre-inspection information and checklists are available for schools, day-cares, apartments, hotels, and restaurants.

Along with printed information, additional educational opportunities can be requested including:    

  • Pre-inspection walk-through (consultation) with facility management and staff. This is very valuable for new managers who have not yet participated in the inspection process.
  • Classes for groups with similar occupancies. Typically covers the self-inspection checklist and other tips for maintaining a code compliant facility.
  • Participation in Care-provider courses for facilities such as Day-cares, Residential Board and Cares, and Community Living Arrangements (State Mandated).
  • Others, customized, as needed.

Please contact our office at 678.518.4980 or click below for more information.

  • General Fire Compliance Inspections (Coming Soon)
  • Apartments
  • Day-cares (Coming Soon)
  • Educational
  • Hotels (Coming Soon)
  • Restaurants (Coming Soon)