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Apartment Fire Safety Inspection Program
Thank you for your interest in the community risk reduction efforts of the Gwinnett County Department of Fire and Emergency Services. In addition to its mission of Saving Lives and Protecting Property, the Fire Department believes in reducing the number of fires and other emergency incidents through aggressive public education and safety awareness campaigns.

In January 2010, the Fire Department began the Apartment Fire Safety Inspection Program. The purpose of the program is to ensure that residents of multi-unit housing are afforded a safe and hazard free living environment. This objective can only be accomplished by apartment managers and fire service professionals working together to understand and apply fire codes, train complex staff, and educate residents on the importance of proper fire and life safety practices. As a general rule, all interior and exterior property inspections will be conducted by a Deputy Fire Marshal, along with an escort by an agent or designee of the apartment management staff. The Deputy Fire Marshal will conduct inspections in the shortest time possible, while properly performing their duties. A comprehensive report listing any deficiencies found will be provided once the inspection is completed.

The Fire Department’s Education Section, provides free fire and life safety programs for all ages. Apartment managers and staff are highly encouraged to participate annually in workplace fire safety training to include: instruction on fire evacuations, portable fire extinguishers, and CPR/AED. All apartment communities in conjunction with local firefighters, are encouraged to hold fire safety “town hall” style meetings for residents to address proper fire safety practices.

The information contained within this packet serves as a guide to understanding the importance of the Apartment Fire Safety Inspection Program. It will also provide apartment managers and staff with the tools necessary to ensure a safe living and working environment within their apartment communities.

For additional information on the Apartment Fire Safety Inspections Program or to schedule educational presentations, please contact the Gwinnett Fire-Community Risk Reduction Division at 678.518.4980.

Stephen Hrustich
Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal