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Latest Retirees
April 2018
Community Services: Kenneth Andrews
Information Technology Services: Cathy Morris
Police: Barry Keith Colquitt, Arlene Grey
Sheriff: Steven Cooley
Tax Commissioner: Paula Ashmore

March 2018
Corrections: John Henry, Christopher George
Financial Services: Lara Walls
Fire and Emergency Services: Bonnie Heaton, Robert Ogburn, Mark Garner
Human Resources: Renee Schoenfeld
Information Technology Services: Sharon Stevenson
Police: Mindy Bayreuther, John Strickland
Sheriff: Nancy Hobson, Eric Rollison
Solicitor: Lou Pope
Support Services: Kerry Edwards
Water Resources: Linda Gillespie

February 2018
Corrections: Crafton Church
Fire and Emergency Services: Dennis Houston
Sheriff: Darius Davis, David Vannerson, William Southard

January 2018
Community Services: Gary Galloway
Financial Services: Sharon Manning
Solicitor: Regina Haney
Transportation: Deborah Vandeford
Water Resources: Norman Hamilton

December 2017
Clerk of Court: Beverly Moore
Community Services: Sharon Cassidy, Martin Moutray, Kenneth Wells, Jeanete Gates, Carlos Bennett Sr.
Corrections: Bertha Brazil
Fire: Jonathan Ballesteros
Planning and Development: Lauren Tidwell
Sheriff: Barbara Locke, Mark Cook, Donna Ware, Ruthy Farmer-Myles
Support Services: Michael Plonowski
Solicitor: Mihae Park
Water Resources: Calvin Daniels

November 2017
Community Services: Mary Burt
Corrections: Tony Johnson
Water Resources: Paul Craig
Fire and Emergency Services: Thomas Joiner, Johnny Queen, Douglas Kalmbach, Kenneth Jernigan, Mark Peters
Police: Roy Smith, Philip Whitmer
Sheriff: Charles Lucas

October 2017
Fire: John Owens, Eric Eberly, Lisa Andrzejewski, Philip Wright
Human Resources: Scott Fuller, Debbi Davidson
Planning and Development: Tommy McCullers
Police: Sandra Pryor, Vanessa Smith
Recorders Court: Ginger Greeson, Randall Rowe
Sheriff: Luis Rivera, Pamela Cain, Karen Pirkle
Transportation: Charles Pruitt, Randy White, Carlos Conner
Water Resources: Debbie Boyd, Daniel Crockett, Ellis Singletary

September 2017
Administrative Office of the Courts: Eva Gibbs
Corrections: Eric Green
Human Resources: Linda Hulsey
Information Technology Services: Mark Morrison
Sheriff: Doris Carroll

August 2017

Water Resources: Gerald Scott Bagley

July 2017
Clerk of Court: Janey Rodney
Community Services: Joseph Fiscella, Sharon Page
Financial Services: Joseph Brown
Fire and Emergency Services: Linda Hayes, Larry Orr
ITS: Michelle Greene
Water Resources: Jan Bennett, Sr., Francis Peugh

June 2017
Clerk of Court: Lori King
Community Services: Rebecca Adodade, Robert David Clark, Gary Farmer
Transportation: Donald Fortner
Water Resources: Steven McCreary, John Robertson

May 2017
Clerk of Court: Debby Frady
Water Resources: Gary Sosobee
Fire and Emergency Services: Gregory Mitchell, Dave Yarbrough
Juvenile Court: Pamela Day
Sheriff: Martin Finck