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Gwinnett County Public Employees Retirement System

The Gwinnett County Public Employees Retirement System was created by resolution of the Board of Commissioners on September 19, 2006.  It is governed by the Retirement Plans Management Committee (RPMC), the successor board of trustees to the ACCG DB Pension Board of Trustees, in accordance with the Gwinnett County Master Trust Agreement also adopted on September 19, 2006.  The RPMC is assisted in its work by the Investment Committee and the Audit Committee. Members shall be entitled to reimbursement for any actual, reasonable, and necessary expenses incurred on RPMC business.

  • Appointed members serve four-year terms and may be reappointed for one additional four-year term
  • One appointee of the Board of Commissioners
  • One appointee of the County Administrator
  • County Administrator Appointment – County Employee – General Representative
  • County Administrator Appointment – County Employee – Public Safety Representative
  • Ex-Officio Member – Chief Financial Officer
  • Ex-Officio Member – County Administrator
  • Ex-Officio Member – Director of Human Resources


Meetings are held on the third Thursday of February, May and August and the second Thursday of November from 8:00am – 12:00pm in Conference Room C, Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center, 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

View Notices, Agendas, and Minutes.


  • Appointees of the Board of Commissioners and County Administrator must be citizens of Gwinnett County and person knowledgeable of pension and financial matters
  • One employee representative shall represent public safety and shall be employed by either the Police, Fire, Corrections or Sheriff
  • One employee representative shall represent the general employee population and shall be employed by a department other than one of the public safety departments listed above
  • The Ex Officio members shall be the current incumbents in the positions of County Administrator, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Human Resources, including person filling such positions in acting capacity

Responsibilities / Powers

The RPMC is the governance body for the Gwinnett County Defined Benefit Pension Plan, the Defined Contribution Pension Plan, and the 457 Deferred Compensation Plan.  It is responsible for the safekeeping and investment of the assets of the defined benefit pension plan and maintenance of the plan documents and records concerning the operation of the trust.

  • Invest the assets of the Trust in accordance with Georgia Law, the terms of the Plan, and the Investment Policy;
  • Appoint Investment Managers with delegated authority to manage Trust assets;
  • Settle claims, debts, or damages due or owing to the Trust;
  • Employ suitable agents, actuaries, accountants, investment advisors brokers and counsel, and to pay their reasonable expenses and compensation.

Active Members

Appointed By Position Name Representing Term Expires
BoC Appointment Rick Cost 12/31/2018
Ex-Officio Member Glenn Stephens County Administrator Incumbent
County Administrator Appointment Mindy Bayreuther County Employee-Public Safety Representative 12/31/2018
County Administrator Appointment Ashley Stinson County Employee-General Representative 12/31/2018
Ex-Officio Member Maria Woods Incumbent
Ex-Officio Member Vice Chairperson Scott Fuller Incumbent
County Administrator Appointment Chairperson Jim Underwood 12/31/2017