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Due to the size and complexity of GIS data, Microsoft Excel is not capable of handling it. The software you'll need is discussed in the links listed below.

Software Requirements for Purchased GIS Data

The following software is required to utilize the GIS data purchased from Gwinnett County:

File Compression / Decompression Software

All of our data is supplied in compressed format to reduce file sizes to aid in our distribution activities. The following software is recommended:

Compression / Decompression Software
Winzip –
IZArc –

GIS Data Viewer Software
TatukGIS –
ArcExplorer –

Adobe Acrobat Reader Software
Adobe –

Other products that you may find beneficial when dealing with our GIS data in Personal Geodatabase format is Microsoft Access, or other comparable database products. The following links provide alternative database software products:

Database Management System Software
MySQL Database Management Software -
PostgreSQL -
Oracle –
Microsoft –

Gwinnett County does not provide any technical assistance for any of the products listed. Please refer to the online help provided with each application.

The GIS data provided is complex by nature, therefore, please be sure that you are comfortable with manipulating GIS for your use. Gwinnett County does not provide any technical assistance with setting up the data for use in your system, nor how to use the data for analysis purposes.