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Building Plan Review Section
The Building Plan Review Section of the Department of Planning and Development is responsible for the review and authorization to permit the construction of commercial buildings, commercial structures, and commercial interior projects located in unincorporated Gwinnett County. Please refer to the How to determine if a building or lot is located in unincorporated Gwinnett County Guide. Commercial buildings include all buildings or structures other than one and two family dwellings or townhomes. Commercial structures include site retaining walls, cell tower installations, racking systems, and signage foundations.
Building Plan Review Guidelines and Checklists

Special Inspections Program
The International Building Code with Georgia amendments currently in effect for the state of Georgia requires special inspections during construction of buildings, structures, and building/structure additions, and renovation of existing structural systems and components. Special inspections are typically required for projects that require the practice of professional engineering or architecture as defined by the applicable state law governing the professional registration and certification of engineers or architects except for construction of minor scope or pertinent to one- and two-family residences. This Special Inspections Program establishes the provisions for inspecting components of construction in which strength, safety, and construction practices have a critical impact on the integrity of a building or structure as determined by the Building Code, engineer- and/or architect-of-record, and/or the Building Official or his/her designees including building inspectors and plan review staff.

Building Permit Forms and Documents

Building Permit Regulations and Requirements

Zoning Overlay District Regulations and Maps

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