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Unified Development Ordinance

Gwinnett County's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) formalizes the community's vision for future development, which was captured in the 2030 Unified Plan.  The UDO updated, streamlined, and combined the County's zoning resolution, development regulations and other related ordinances into one integrated code document that embraces the new image, goals, and policies of the 2030 Unified Plan.  By doing so, the UDO will help ensure that future development in the county is consistent with the community's vision.  A central goal of the UDO was to create a final product that is easily understood by the public, the development community, and county officials. 

Key Tasks of the UDO Development Process

  • Revise and Update Zoning Districts and Standards
  • Review, Evaluate and Update Land Development Regulations and Standards
  • Review and Evaluate Innovative Planning Approaches
  • Consolidate and Update Ordinance Definitions
  • Update and Revise Environmental Standards
  • Update and Streamline Administrative Procedures

UDO Technical Team – provided general project guidance for the UDO, including the review of draft materials and assistance in public outreach.  The Team was made up of key county staff and consultants. 

UDO Advisory Committee – provided additional input and guidance on the UDO draft materials and on key issues. The UDO Advisory Committee was comprised of approximately 30 individuals representing a cross section of the community.