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Frequently Asked Questions — Clean Indoor Air Ordinance

1. When does the new Clean Indoor Air Ordinance take effect?

April 1, 2004

2. What buildings are subject to the Ordinance?

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed public places and places of employment within unincorporated Gwinnett County. The Ordinance also applies to all buildings and vehicles owned or operated by Gwinnett County.

3. Is smoking prohibited in any outdoor areas?

Smoking is prohibited within 20 feet from any public entrance to a public place or place of employment. In addition, smoking is prohibited on porches, courtyards or decks which adjoin a public place. Outdoor areas of restaurants which have a counter or tables upon which food is served are also smoke free.

4. Is smoking prohibited in the bar areas of restaurants?

Yes. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of restaurants.

5. Are there exceptions which permit smoking in enclosed areas?

Yes. Smoking is permitted in retail tobacco stores, designated smoking rooms in hotels and motels, not to exceed 25% of the total number of rooms available, designated smoking areas on external balconies of any indoor arena which is capable of seating more than 5,000 persons, properties owned or leased by any city, the State of Georgia, or the federal government, and in private residences unless the residence is used as a health care facility, adult daycare facility, or a child daycare facility.

6. Who may be cited for a violation of the Clean Indoor Air Ordinance?

The person smoking is subject to citation.

7. What are the penalties for violations of the Ordinance?

A fine not to exceed $50 may be assessed for the first violation, and fines not exceeding $75 or $100 may be assessed for a second or third violation respectively within one year.

8. Who enforces the new Ordinance?

Health Department officials and Police Officers may issue citations for violations of the Clean Indoor Air Ordinance.