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CFMH Training Schedule

Training seminars for participation in the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program are held throughout the year. Seminars are free and help multi-family property owners, managers, and staff learn how to:

  • Strengthen areas vulnerable to crime
  • Attract and retain better tenants
  • Strengthen rental agreements
  • Form partnerships with residents to prevent criminal activity

The seminar instructors are recognized experts in their fields and discuss topics such as:

  • Fair housing laws
  • Working with the police
  • Key control and master use
  • Property security and safety
  • Code compliance and ordinances
  • Eviction process and legal updates
  • Graffiti, drug, and gang awareness
  • Tenant screening and rental agreements
  • Unauthorized occupants and loitering issues
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

For more information or to RSVP for an upcoming seminar, please contact Corporal Humberto Garcia at, 770.513.5116 or MPO Jay Brewer at, 770.513.5133.

In addition, fully certified properties can also schedule any programs offered by the Crime Prevention Unit. To view the list of programs, please click here. We recommend that you schedule the program at least two weeks in advance.