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Types of Threats

Natural Disasters
Earthquake – A shifting of the Earth’s crust. Probability of causing damage in Georgia in a given year is about 1 in 1,000. More information

Extreme Heat or Cold – An “excessive heat warning” means a combination of heat and humidity or heat alone is expected to be dangerous for a large portion of the population. A “heat advisory” alert warns of inconvenience for much of the population and a problem for some individuals. Cold warnings are similar. More information

Flood – Gwinnett has 22,000 acres of floodplain. More information

Pandemic Flu – A global outbreak of disease and illness due to new or drug-resistant strains of flu or virus.More information

Thunderstorms and Lightning – In the midst of a downpour, beware of fire. And when you hear thunder, you’re in danger of being hit by lightning. More information

Tornado and Hurricane – Wind and water can do serious damage.More information

Wildfires – Grass fires and forest fires are often started by lightning. More information

Manmade Disasters