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Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division aids the Chief of Police in all administrative areas and serves as a liaison to the Gwinnett County Law Department to assist in both internal and external legal matters. Other responsibilities include maintaining departmental financial and performance measures, personnel strength accounting, and managing special and short-term projects as directed by the Chief of Police. The Administrative Services Division consists of the following:

Managing and maintaining continual compliance with all applicable standards is the primary responsibility of the Accreditation Manager. The department completes an accreditation process every three years to maintain its status as an accredited agency. Successful completion of the program requires commitment from all levels of the organization.

Fiscal Management
The operations contained within the Fiscal Management Section not only cover a broad range of responsibilities, but are very diverse. While giving administrative support to divisions within the Police Department, this section also provides an added measure of accountability in key areas.

Human Resources
The Human Resources Unit processes payroll, timesheets, position control, maintains personnel files and other personnel issues for an ever increasing authorized strength of police employees. This unit serves as liaison to the County's Department of Human Resources and Financial Services in such matters as FMLA, Accident/Property Loss reports, and Workers’ Compensation.

An inspections process is an essential mechanism for evaluating the quality of the department's operations, ensuring that the department's goals are being pursued, identifying the need for additional resources, and ensuring that control is maintained throughout the department.

Office of Professional Standards
The Office of Professional Standards reports directly to the Chief of Staff and is responsible for both the investigation of all applicants for positions within the department and the investigations of serious allegations of employee misconduct. These tasks are accomplished by two different units: Background Investigations and Internal Affairs.

The Training Section is responsible for all training conducted in this department, including basic recruit training and in-service training.