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The Gwinnett County Police Department takes all allegations of employee misconduct very seriously. All citizens are encouraged to come forward with any complaint of misconduct against the department or its employees so it may be investigated properly. Complaints are investigated by either the employee’s immediate supervisor or by Internal Affairs, depending on the complexity of the complaint. Complaints can result in one of the following five dispositions:

Sustained: The allegation is supported by sufficient evidence.

Unfounded: Allegation false, not factual.

Not Sustained: Insufficient evidence to either prove or disprove the allegation.

Exonerated: Incident occurred, but was lawful and proper.

Administratively Closed: This is at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

Below is some statistical information for complaints received in 2016. Multiple allegations of misconduct may be included in a single complaint.

2016 Allegations of Misconduct
Conduct 35
Excessive Force 7
Policy Violation 50
Unwanted Conduct 1
False/Misleading Information 6
Duty to Obey Laws/Orders 11
Total 110

2016 Dispositions
Sustained 70.9%
Not Sustained 6.4%
Unfounded 5.4%
Exonerated 10.9%
Administratively Closed 6.4%
Open 0%
Total 100%