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Support Operations Division

The Support Operations Division is responsible for providing necessary support to all divisions within the Gwinnett County Police Department and ensuring that police services are delivered to the public in a timely and effective manner. The division is comprised of the following units:

The Communications/E-911 Section is responsible for receiving calls and dispatching emergency personnel as quickly and accurately as possible.

Emergency Management
The Office of Emergency Management is responsible for developing plans and procedures that help prepare Gwinnett County for disasters, both natural and manmade. Among these are severe weather events, the potential for terrorist activity, and the potential for a pandemic influenza outbreak.

Facilities/Fleet Operations
Facilities Management plans and oversees construction of new facilities, the maintenance of the twelve existing facilities, and planning for future facility related needs for the department. Fleet Operations manages and maintains the department's large inventory which includes a fleet of more than 900 vehicles.

Property and Evidence  
The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for providing a safe and efficient environment for the secure storage of all evidence and property recovered by members of the department.

The Records/GCIC Unit is responsible for registering all pertinent law enforcement information into the records management system and the Georgia Crime Information Center database systems and ensuring that all approved data is readily accessible to the public and law enforcement personnel.

Additional functions include the lobby officer, who is responsible for enhancing the safety and security of police department members and visitors to police headquarters, and the Tele-Serve Unit, which is responsible for constructing incident reports with information obtained from citizens over the telephone.