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85th Police Academy recruits graduate

The Gwinnett Police Department’s 85th Academy members graduated from the intensive law enforcement training on December 13, 2012. Family and friends of the new police officers, elected officials, and law enforcement personnel attended the ceremony held at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center in Lawrenceville.

Police Chief Charlie Walters presented certificates and badges to all 26 graduates: K.D. Adams, J. D. Beck, J.M. Boyd, Z. M. Breedlove, J.M. Crowe, T.E. Daniel, J.V. Daunhauer, D.M. Early, J.W. Erwin, W.A. Fitzpatrick, Z.S. Howard, C. Jefferson, T.C. Joseph, K.M. Law, R.L. Lewis, M. Litzkow, W.F. McClellan, K.E. McDonald, T.M. Robinson, D. Salmon, J.L. Sawyer, Z. L. Shoemaker, T.C. Stevers, J.A. Teitelbaum, S. W. White, and A.J. Williams.