The Office of Professional Standards consists of Internal Affairs, Background Investigations, and Recruiting. This unit is assigned to the Personnel Services Division and has 17 employees.

The Professional Standards Commander, Lt. James D. McClure, can be reached at 770.513.5060 or by email at

The Internal Affairs Section Supervisor, Sgt. Troy Tobler, can be reached at 770.513.5504 or by email at

The Backgrounds Section Supervisor, Sergeant Mario Depaoli, can be reached at 770.513.5502 or by email at

There are four investigators assigned to work Internal Affairs cases:

Corporal Jenaro Hare: 770.513.5503 •
Investigator Matthew Williamson: 770.513.5505 •
Corporal Seth Bailey: 770.513.5511 •
Investigator Mario Boyd: 770.513.5507 •
Internal Affairs Staff assistant Angela Jackson: 770.513.5500 •

The department takes all allegations of employee misconduct very seriously. If you believe an employee acted inappropriately or if you have a question regarding department policy or procedures, contact any Internal Affairs Investigator by e-mail or at 770.513.5500. Procedures for filing an employee-related complaint or commendations are posted at each precinct. For a copy of this procedure, click here.

Recruiting & Backgrounds
Police Officer applicants Corporal Michael Duncan 770.513.5512

Corporal Robert Whitehead 770.513.5518

Corporal Dennis Hennelly 770.513.5514

Officer Tina Landry 770.513.5517

Officer Joshua J. Smith 770.513.5516

Officer Rodgie Leggett

Civilian applicants Cathy Hale 770.513.5528

  Joanne Sterling 770.513.5529

Recruiting Officer Eric Rooks 770.513.5513