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Quick References
Animal Welfare and Enforcement770.339.3200
Quality of Life Hotline770.513.5004
Department of Transportation770.822.7400
Environmental Health770.963.5132
Gang Tip Line770.513.5433
Licensing and Revenue678.377.4100
Police - Non-emergency770.513.5000
Planning and Development678.518.6000
Building Division678.518.6020
Development Division678.518.6000
Development Inspections678.518.6070
Planning Division678.518.6000
Recorder's Court770.619.6100
Tag Office770.822.8818
Water Resources Customer Service678.376.7000

Report Code Violation Online
To report a violation online click here. To request updates or information about previously submitted violations, please call 770.513.5020 or send an email to the Code Compliance general email box at