The Special Operations Section is a support services section assigned to the Uniform Division and is made up of the following 11 specialized units under the command of Major J.T. Strickland.

The Accident Investigation Unit is responsible for investigation of all hit and run, fatal, and life threatening injury motor vehicle accidents. The Unit maintains a telephone hotline that citizens may use to provide investigators with information about hit and run accidents while remaining anonymous if so desired.

The Aviation Unit is primarily responsible for providing direct aerial support to uniform patrol officers responding to criminal activity, and general support to all other divisions within Gwinnett County Government. The Aviation Unit is based at Briscoe Field/Gwinnett County Airport.

The Quality of Life Unit is responsible for informing and educating the public and enforcing county ordinances pertaining to property maintenance, zoning, solid waste, occupational tax certificates (business license), and signs. This unit has civilian and sworn officers who respond to citizen complaints while patrolling their geographically assigned areas.

Crime Prevention officers that are assigned to individual precincts are primarily responsible for promoting citizen participation in the reduction and prevention of crime through education and active support as well as providing educational and safety-related programs based on various community needs. For more information, please visit the Crime Prevention Unit webpage or contact your local police precinct to speak with your Crime Prevention officer.

The DUI Task Force is primarily responsible for preventing serious injury or fatal motor vehicle accidents by locating and apprehending drivers who choose to operate their motor vehicles while under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs. The officers assigned to this unit also devote a considerable amount of their time enforcing other traffic laws, that when violated, frequently result in motor vehicle accidents.

Police Honor GuardThe Gwinnett County Police Department Honor Guard is the ceremonial unit of the Department. Through the use of specialized training, equipment, and distinctive uniforms, the Honor Guard is responsible for the planning, coordination, and conduct of ceremonial activities involving the Department, funerals for members of the Department, and other details/events where the presence of the Honor Guard would serve the best interests of the Department.

K-9 Unit has six police canine teams that provide support to the Uniform and Criminal Investigations Divisions. Their primary duties include tracking lost or missing persons, tracking wanted persons, finding evidence or lost property, conducting building searches, serving high risk warrants and locating illegal narcotics. In addition the unit also has a K-9 Team trained to detect explosive materials and provides support to the department's EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) Unit.

The Motorcycle (Motors) Unit is responsible for the reduction of motor vehicle accidents through the concentrated enforcement of Georgia traffic laws. Other duties include providing additional police presence during special events, assisting with traffic control at serious incidents, providing executive protection to visiting dignitaries and providing support to the five police districts by investigating traffic complaints.


Main Telephone: 678.442.5600

Commander: Major J.T. Strickland

Asst. Commander: Lt. D.J. Merchant
AIU, Motors, Red Light Cameras
Asst. Commander: Lieutenant Everette Spellman
K-9, DUI
Asst. Commander: Lieutenant Chris Smith
Quality of Life Unit, Crime Prevention, Crime Free Multi-Housing
Accident Investigation Unit  
Sergeant C.S. Hyde
Sergeant W. Barnhart
AIU Hotline (Tip Line / Hit and Run Accidents) 678.442.5653
Lou Gregoire, Manager
Crime Prevention  
Coordinator: Ofc. Aaren Dieffenbacher
Crime Free Multi-Housing  
Coordinator: P.O. Sr. H. Garcia

Officer D. Martinez

DUI Task Force  
Sergeant T. Sage
Honor Guard  
Sergeant Collin McClendon
K-9 Unit  
Sergeant B.S. Finnegan
Sergeant S.D. Barrett
Quality of Life Unit  
Quality of Life Sergeant: G.R. Thompson
Code Enforcement Supervisor: K. Chassion
Code Enforcement Supervisor: K. Colquitt
Code Enforcement Supervisor: R. Franklin
Quality of Life/Code Enforcement Code Violation Hotline 770-513-5004
Quality of Life/Code Enforcement Main Number 770.513.5020