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Water Quality Guidelines

To assist business, industry and the public in complying with the county's Illicit Discharge and Illegal Connection Ordinance the county has developed the following water quality guidelines.

These guidelines were developed to:
(1) provide details of water quality best management practices that may be implemented to assist in controlling pollutants associated with potentially polluting activities and prevent water pollution;
(2) serve as a reference for regulators, inspectors and others who assess the water quality impacts of potentially polluting activities; and
(3) provide guidance that, if implemented, will assist in securing compliance with Gwinnett County's Illicit Discharge and Illegal Connection (IDIC) Ordinance.

Guidelines developed to date include:

WQ-01 Surface Cleaning
WQ-02 Fuel Dispensing Facilities
WQ-03 Secondary Containment
WQ-04 Portable Toilet Management
WQ-10 Secondary Containment- Fuel Storage at Construction Sites
WQ-11 Commercial Landscaping and Lawn Care Services
WQ-16 Retail Auto Supply

The county is planning to establish guidelines for the following activities in the near future:

WQ-05 Commercial Car Washing Operations
WQ-06 Wash Bay Design Standards
WQ-07 Residential Car Washing
WQ-08 Charitable Car Washing
WQ-09 Mobile Car Washing
WQ-12 Swimming Pool Management
WQ-13 Carpet Cleaning

Should you have any questions about these guidelines please email Barbara Seal.