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Water Conservation in Gwinnett County
On our planet, water is continuously recycled. The water that you use today will eventually rejoin the hydrologic cycle and be used again. However, water is not always available in sufficient supply when and where it is needed. As populations grow, so does the demand for water. Although water on earth seems limitless, rivers and lakes that supply surface water for human use only make up about 0.007 percent of the world’s water!

Lake Sidney Lanier is Gwinnett County’s water source. Gwinnett was one of the nation’s fastest growing counties during the 1970s and 1980s, and though the rate of growth has slowed, we are still growing. With more than 900,000 residents using water resources each day, conservation efforts are more important than ever. Lake Lanier is a vital part of the quality of life in Gwinnett and water conservation can help continue that quality of life now and for future generations.

Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources is your community partner and resource for water conservation. If you have questions or need more information about any of the conservation topics covered on our website, please email or call 678.376.6722.

Kickstart The Conservation Habit!

Conservation Partnerships
Water is the very element of life and necessary for all communities to grow and prosper. Protecting this natural resource means making conservation practices everyday habits for all of us. In 2003, Gwinnett County was proud to become one of the first WaterFirst Communities in Georgia, and we maintain that distinguished status today. The Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources also partners with the EPA Water Sense Program, the Georgia EPD WaterSmart Program, and the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District’s My Drop Counts campaign.

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