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Veterans Intervention Program (VIP)
VIP is a program for United States Armed Forces Veterans who have been charged with a misdemeanor crime(s) in Gwinnett County to support and assist military veterans and their families.

A mission of the program is to promote public safety, reduce criminal recidivism, and support military veterans by focusing on intervention, treatment, and judicial review.

Persons who qualify for VIP may receive either sentencing alternatives or pre-trial diversion in return for compliance with an individualized treatment/action plan. 

Treatment/action plans may include; drug, alcohol, or mental health counseling, education/employment counseling, or other specific directives aimed at solving the problems that resulted in the criminal charge(s). 

VIP seeks out all State, Federal, and community based resources available for Veterans to achieve a successful result.   

VIP cases are supervised by the Judge with at least monthly court appearances required to monitor for compliance/progress.  Compliant conduct will be rewarded and non-compliant conduct may be sanctioned. 

If you’re a Military Veteran ready to dig in and make a change for the better, VIP wants to help.  Let us know if you’re a VET.

Referral for assistance with VA and other benefits:
Gwinnett County Veterans Resource Center

GSU Law Volunteer Clinic for Veterans

The Emory Law Volunteer Clinic for Veterans