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Pilot Information
The Airport Facility Directory (A/FD) is published by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) about every 60 days. 

The A/FD is considered by Gwinnett County to be the official, approved informational publication listing the most important operational procedures and limitations of the facility. 

The following is a brief summary of the A/FD information. However, all pilots and interested persons should review the latest edition of the A/FD for the most current information. 

Pilots should always contact the nearest FAA Flight Service Station (FSS) for the most current NOTAMs on Gwinnett County Airport (LZU). 1-800-WX-BRIEF, NOTAM File LZU.

Coordinates                                        N3358.68′ W8357.74′

Field Elevation                                     1061′ MSL
Time                                                     Eastern Time UTC -5(-4DT)

Runway 07 – 25

Length                                                  6000′ x 100′
Type                                                     asphalt/grooved
Weight Bearing Capacity                     Single – 45,000 lbs.  Dual – 60,000 lbs. (see remarks)

Visual Approach Aids                           PAPI – Runway 07
                                                             MALSR/PAPI – Runway 25

Airport Remarks
  • Airport attended continuously.
  • Traffic Pattern Altitude (TPA) for light aircraft 2100′ MSL (1039′ AGL), TPA for jet and turbo prop aircraft 2600′ MSL (1539′ AGL).
  • Taxiway T has non-standard marking, does not meet Design Group II standards.
  • When tower closed HIRL Runway 07-25 preset on low intensity. To increase and Activate MALSR Runway 25 – CTAF.
  • Prior authorization required for aircraft with a max gross certificated takeoff weight over 60,000 lbs. dual wheel.

Communication Frequencies
ATIS/AWOS                                132.275
Ground                                        121.800
Tower/CTAF                                124.100
Unicom                                        122.950
NDB                                             419.000
ILS RWY 25                                 111.750
Aircraft Specialists Jet Center     128.850
Gwinnett Aero                             123.050
Aviation Weather
National Weather Service – Aviation Weather Center 

Current Conditions
Automated Weather Observation System
during hours Air Traffic Control Tower is in operation                   132.275
during hours Air Traffic Control Tower is closed                            770.339.7753

A NOTAM is a notice to airmen, designed to share important information related to the status of an airport. Due to FAA procedures, most local NOTAMs at LZU will not be filed more than 72 hours in advance. Contact the Flight Service Station, monitor the ATIS, and check published NOTAMs for the most up-to-date information.