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Destination 2040 Report

The Destination2040 CTP was funded by Gwinnett County and the Atlanta Regional Commission and has examined the many changes that have occurred in the County’s population, employment, land use and development since the last plan update. The CTP considers all modes of transportation including: major roadways; all transit in the County; an overview of how people walk and ride bicycles; truck routes; and the Gwinnett County Airport. Since the last CTP was completed in 2008, much has changed in Gwinnett County. There have been major changes in population and employment, new developments have been built, and some transportation policies have changed—that’s why this update is so important! With these changes in mind, the County has worked with the public to re-evaluate the vision, goals, objectives, and investment strategies set forth in the 2008 plan. The final plan provides a direction for transportation in Gwinnett County going forward, with a horizon year of 2040.

To complete the Recommendations document, the planning team needs your input! The plan is open for a 30-day public comment period to receive input before the plan is finalized and put to the Board of Commissioners for adoption. The public comment period closes on November 26.

You can view the draft plan here: Gwinnett County 2040 Recommendations

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