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What will this plan do?

Gwinnett continues to grow and evolve every day. In the early 2000s, when GCT was created, the County had fewer than 600,000 residents. Now, with more than 900,000 people, Gwinnett is poised to be the largest—and possibly most diverse—county in Georgia by the year 2040. And, while the population continues to increase, employment in Gwinnett is exceeding 300,000 jobs, reflecting that Gwinnett is no longer a bedroom suburb. This evolution means that a variety of transportation needs also exist, and are ever-changing. Some people require public transportation to complete their necessary daily tasks like working and shopping for groceries. Others appreciate a one-seat transit ride to jobs Downtown to relieve the stress of rush hour driving. Many more would consider transit an option if it could provide an efficient, competitive alternative to driving alone.

Connect Gwinnett will take a comprehensive look at the future of transit in the County to best position the system for success. Currently, GCT is made up of six local routes and five express routes; the plan will examine the existing system and identify future needs to define a strategy for short-, medium-, and long-term enhancements.