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How can I help with the Connect Gwinnett plan?

We need your help and input throughout this process to Connect Gwinnett!

In the first phase of outreach activities, the planning team will conduct a bus tour across the county, host an online (and onboard) survey, and attend community events to help the public stay engaged. In addition, a Technical Committee, made up of County staff across all relevant departments, and a Stakeholder Committee, which speaks to local interests, will help guide the project, provide input, and represent the larger community. To complement the Technical Committee, the planning team will assemble a group of Transit Partner Agencies from across the metro Atlanta region to provide input and guidance on the project’s technical aspects and how to best connect GCT regionally. The planning team also will hold focus group interviews with communities of specific transit needs, such as seniors, youth and young professionals, and the underserved.

Public input and feedback are critical to ensuring that Connect Gwinnett meets the community’s transit goals and priorities, so the planning team will reach back out to the public in early 2018. At this point in the planning process, the team will have concepts developed that the public can provide input on during open houses held throughout the County. In addition to this in-person feedback, the planning team will conduct a second online survey as well as a statistically valid phone survey. With your help and input, the planning team can develop final recommendations for the Connect Gwinnett: Transit Plan to put the GCT on track for success and to address future growth opportunities.

 Spring 2018 Public Meeting Schedule

How can I stay up-to-date on Connect Gwinnett?

We need to hear from the people who live, work, and play in Gwinnett County—that’s you!

Here’s how you can stay involved and give us your ideas throughout the process:

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Project Managers:

Eileen Schwartz-Washington
Gwinnett County Project Manager
Gwinnett County Department of Transportation

Cristina Pastore, AICP, P.E.
Consultant Project Manager
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.