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What does the process look like?

The Connect Gwinnett: Transit Plan process is approximately a 12-month process that begins with understanding the current state of transit in Gwinnett. It also includes studying factors that create a robust transit system, such as where people live, work, and play; how they normally move around; and what types of personal and household characteristics might influence people’s decisions to take transit. This phase is the Existing Conditions phase, which will help set the stage for the planning process.

The next phase, Needs Assessment, will help the planning team identify alternatives or various scenarios for GCT’s future. These alternatives will be designed in response to identified current and future needs, and the various improvements that make up the alternatives will be categorized into short-, medium-, and long-term priorities.

Once a series of alternatives has been developed and analyzed, the planning team will evaluate them along with possible funding scenarios. With input from the community, the planning team will compare alternatives and funding opportunities and will develop a prioritized set of improvements. The final step will be to create a plan to help GCT with implementation of the Connect Gwinnett recommendations.