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General Primary/Nonpartisan General Election Results

This is your source for election results for the General Primary/Nonpartisan General Election.
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Intermodal Operations

Intermodal Operations is responsible for the following:

Aviation Division
The Aviation Division is responsible for marketing, developing and managing the Gwinnett County Airport, Briscoe Field, for the use and benefit of the county and general public. In this regard, it must direct and monitor the maintenance of the airport so that the facility will be in an orderly, safe and operational condition that conforms to all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations. Additionally, the Airport is involved on a national level with other Reliever Airports in the United States in the development and review of federal and state programs affecting aviation and airports. The division develops standards, fees, rates and charges for tenants, as well as maintains the airport emergency plan.

Transit Division
The Transit Division is responsible for implementation, marketing, development and service oversight of public transit within Gwinnett County. This includes ensuring a safe and efficient transit system by directing and coordinating all aspects of development and maintenance of short, intermediate and long-range plans for public transit in the County. The Division also monitors existing fares, routes and schedules. The Division must facilitate the safe and secure delivery of transit that conforms to all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations.