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Commuter Information

Georgia Commute Options

Improve your commute. Georgia Commute Options is a program created through a joint effort between the Georgia Department of Transportation, The Clean Air Campaign and the region’s transportation management associations that helps commuters, employers and property managers take advantage of commute alternatives. To improve your commute, visit the Georgia Commute Options website or call 1-877-9GA-OPTIONS.

To find out more about the Tax Benefits, look under Employer Services which explains how employees can offer employees a variety of financial incentives for using transit and other alternative commute modes – up to $245 toward monthly transit expenses.

Look under Commuter Services to find out how to improve your commute – for information on:

  • Guaranteed Ride Home
  • Links to Transportation Management Associations servicing your specific job center
  • Park and Ride Lots
  • Links to all area Transit Providers.