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What is Corporate Connections?
Designed to improve your ability to attract new people, provide an inexpensive tax-free benefit to current employees, and help do your part in reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality, Corporate Connections is a cooperative program between a sponsoring employer and Gwinnett County Transit. Joining the program offers employers and employees tax benefits and gives your employees an attractive option to fighting rush-hour traffic.

Gwinnett County Transit Service
Our express bus service provides downtown Atlanta and Gwinnett County employers with a viable transportation alternative. Our new fleet of environmentally friendly buses provides first-class service each weekday for commuters traveling between three park and ride lots in Gwinnett County and downtown Atlanta. In addition, one reverse commute (103A) route from downtown and midtown Atlanta serves employers located near Gwinnett Place Mall, Sugarloaf Mills and other major employment locations in the I-85 corridor.

Also, the local GCT routes serve the major employment and activity centers in the County with schedules designed to serve commuters, shoppers and more.

Program Options

There are many options for participating employers because each program is custom designed. The most common selected options include:

  • Employer Paid Benefit: The employer pays the cost of a monthly bus pass. The benefit (up to $245 per month) is not counted as income for the employee and the employer is not required to pay FICA taxes on the benefit
  • Employer-Employee Share the Cost: In any combination, the employer and employee split the cost of the monthly bus pass
  • Employee Paid: The cost of the transit pass is deducted from the employee's pay. Because the cost (up to $240 per month) is a pre-tax benefit, both the employee and employer pay less payroll related taxes
  • Pass Instead of Pool Car: Employers purchase monthly passes and offer them to employees for travel during business hours. Saves on pool cars and parking costs
  • Pass Instead of Parking: Employers who now pay for an employee's parking may find it less expensive to substitute a transit pass for parking spaces

    To get started just give us a call at 770.822.5010. Our marketing representative will show you all the possibilities. You can also learn more about the Tax Benefits on our partner website: Georgia Commute Options.

    Information contained herein is subject to change.