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Projects Under Construction

Project Name Location Est. Open to Traffic Map Number Project Number
Arcado Road US 29 to Cedar Road Mid 2018 1 F-1109
Burns Road Dickens Road to Indian Trail Road Mid 2018 33 F-1129
Dacula Road Fence Road to Old Peachtree Road (south side) Early 2018 6 F-1076-02
Dacula Road Old Peachtree Road to Liam Avenue (east side) Early 2018 7 F-1076-02
Evermore North Boulevard Britt Drive to Old US 78 Late 2018 14 F-0867-01
Five Forks Trickum Road Oak Road to Killian Hill Road Early 2019 10 F-0549
Five Forks Trickum Road at Oak Road Early 2019 11 M-0669
Five Forks Trickum Road Ronald Reagan Parkway to Killian Hill Road Early 2019 12 M-0685-31
Garner Road Garner Creek Early 2018 16 F-0787
Hamilton Mill Parkway
and Bunten Road
at Hamilton Mill Golf Club, Bunten Road Park and Mason Elementary School Early 2018 24 F-1158-02
Harbins Road Sanjo Street to McMillan Road (west side) Early 2018 8 F-1076-02
Harbins Road Harbins Oak Drive to Forestdale Drive (west side) Early 2018 9 F-1076-02
Harbins Road Jackson Creek Early 2018 20 F-1087
Harbins Road Dickens Road to US 29 / SR 8 / Lawrenceville Highway Early 2018 21 F-1127
Hewatt Road US 78 / Stone Mountain Highway to Cherie Glen Road  Early 2018 30 F-1128
Holcomb Bridge Road SR 140 / Jimmy Carter Boulevard City Managed 3 F-1069
Killian Hill Road at Five Forks Trickum Road Early 2018 13 F-1130
Old Peachtree Road Ridge Oak Drive to Rock Springs Park Early 2018 42 F-1118
Old Suwanee Road west side of Old Suwanee from Chatham Road to existing sidewalk Early 2018 27 F-1140-01
Peachtree Industrial Boulevard at Paul Duke STEM High School Early 2018 26 F-1217
Pirkle Road Singleton Road to Oakbrook Parkway Mid 2018 34 F-1142
Pleasant Hill Road at Club Drive  Early 2018 37 M-0890
Poplar Street Main Street to Killian Hill Road  City Managed 2 F-1067
Rock Springs Road Spriggs Road to Heatherstone Way
Spring Brook Drive to Ball Park Lane
Early 2018 43 F-1118
Rockbridge Road Five Forks Trickum Road to East Park Place Boulevard Mid 2018 15 F-0822
Singleton Road at Tech Drive Early 2018 38 M-0902
Smithtown Road Satellite Boulevard to Pierce Arrow Circle City Managed 5 F-1072
South Bogan Road at Kilgore Road Early 2018 39 M-0903
Spout Springs Road at Doc Hughes Road Early 2018 40 M-0904
SR 120 @ Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road SR 120 at Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road Mid 2018 28 M-0905-02
SR 13/Buford Highway Langford Road to Simpson Circle Early 2018 45 F-0803
SR 140/Holcomb Bridge/Jimmy Carter Boulevard 7050 Jimmy Carter Boulevard to Crooked Creek Road, West Side Mid 2018 18 F-1117
Crooked Creek Road SR 140/Holcomb Bridge Road to Woodmont Boulevard, West Side Mid 2018 29 F-1117
Technology Pkway SR 141/Peachtree Parkway to Existing Sidewalk, South Side Mid 2018 32 F-1117
SR 141 / Peachtree Parkway Peachtree Industrial Boulevard (Holcomb Bridge Road to Winters Chapel Road) Mid-2018 4 F-1069-02
SR 20 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard to Burnette Trail Early 2018 44 F-0019-01
SR 20/Buford Drive  South Lee Street to Buford Highway Late 2018 25 F-1064-02
SR 324 / Auburn Road Jim Moore Road to Dacula Road Early 2018 19 F-1059
SR 84 / Grayson Parkway  at Rosebud Road Early 2018 23 F-1102
Sugarloaf Parkway Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road to Kendall Park Drive Mid 2018 22 F-1119 F-1104
Sugarloaf Parkway Downyshire Drive to SR 124 Mid 2018 31 F-1120
US 29/Lawrenceville Highway Jimmy Carter Boulevard to Mimosa Drive Mid 2018 35 F-1153
Winters Chapel Road Newton Drive to Spalding Drive Early 2018 17 F-1165