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Gwinnett is a great place to live, work, and play!
As Gwinnett County matures from its early growth as a suburban community, it offers a full range of quality-of-life options: excellent schools, a variety of housing, the nation's best parks, great libraries, concerts, and sporting events.

A place to call home

Education & Libraries

Learn about Gwinnett’s award-winning public school and library systems as well as lifelong learning opportunities

Fun Around Gwinnett

Check out Gwinnett’s award-winning parks, arts, entertainment, sports, and shopping


Access health and welfare programs and services available in Gwinnett


Gwinnett has many resources available to new and prospective homeowners and renters


New Resident Checklist

Find out the important information every new Gwinnett resident should know

Property & Motor Vehicle Taxes

Find information about property and motor vehicle taxes for Gwinnett County’s residents

Public Safety

Find out about services provided by Gwinnett County’s public safety agencies and programs

Recycling & Solid Waste

Get information about solid waste and recycling for County residents


Find out how to get around in Gwinnett


Review information about utility services provided in Gwinnett

Voting & Elections

Learn about the elections process in Gwinnett County

Working in Gwinnett

Find information for job seekers, employers, and workforce professionals