AOL issues

AOL users have reported numerous intermittent access problems such as:

  • Problems logging in or staying logged in
  • Problems with pages being displayed properly
  • Inability to complete the online payment transactions
  • 404 "page not found" error messages

Cause of AOL issues

The AOL integrated browser cannot handle security levels with certain applications. When a user moves from one page to another, it assigns a new URL address with every new page visit, leaving the user ID logged onto the previous page and presuming that the user is a new person trying to log on with the same ID.

Possible Solutions

Website issues can often be eliminated by using a standard browser. If you are using the AOL interface to access our website, you will need to launch a different browser over your AOL connection.

  • Connect to AOL, but do NOT go to any websites on the Internet
  • Minimize that window
  • Open Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or other browser
  • Use the external browser to browse