Gwinnett celebrates 200 years of history

Gwinnett County is celebrating its founding and its modern, diverse community with a yearlong series of Gwinnett 200 events, lectures, demonstrations, a torch run, video-recorded reminiscences, and more.  

Throughout the year, the County plans to have 200 events throughout 2018 in honor of our 200th birthday. Keep up with the latest bicentennial updates on and on Facebook at

200 Events for 200 Years
Each week, history buffs, patriotic Gwinnettians, or the simply curious can find plenty to do to learn about the county’s history, including walking or driving tours of historic sites and communities, monthly lectures by the Gwinnett Historical Society, and a traveling art exhibit featuring Gwinnett’s past.

Many events offer family friendly fun with bicentennial flavors, such as aquatic parties at County pools, throwback nights by Gwinnett’s minor league baseball team, the Stripers, and pioneer-themed campouts. The Gwinnett Historic Courthouse in Lawrenceville is a key player in the bicentennial celebration, hosting a wide variety of events, including concerts with 1800s music, crafts, and trade markets.

The Lawrenceville Female Seminary and other historic sites also will host events with good old-fashioned fun, demonstrating historic games and other living history programs. Lectures sponsored by the Gwinnett Historical Society touch on many compelling topics, such as Union Civil War soldiers from Gwinnett County, slavery in Gwinnett County, and the impact of World War I on Gwinnett. If you miss them, those lectures can be viewed online.

For a complete list of bicentennial events, visit or the County’s primary calendar.

Fun for Kids
Kids are encouraged to download, print, and color our own Flat Button, named for Button Gwinnett, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and the county’s namesake, and then take pictures of him around the community. He’s even been seen overseas!

Historic Sites Mapped for Tours
For folks interested in finding the locations of some of Gwinnett’s historic sites, there’s an online map with a brief description of the sites. The map website also includes historical maps, a suggested driving tour, a list of historic markers, and a roster of churches and cemeteries, always a great source of information.

Sharing Stories
In an attempt to capture history while we can, the County launched Story Vault, a program for Gwinnettians from all walks of life to sit down with a friend and a camera crew and talk about their life in Gwinnett, how they came here, memorable or historic events, and their hopes for the future. To view the fascinating recollections of lifelong residents and relative newcomers, or to sign up to tell your own tale of Gwinnett, visit

You can also watch bicentennial videos and other programs about a variety of historical topics, including the African-American experience in Gwinnett County, the County today, and the County’s economic development over 200 years.

Torch Run
On December 15, 2017, Gwinnett County’s bicentennial torch run made its debut at the first official event, A Frontier Affair: Prelude to Gwinnett’s Bicentennial at the historic courthouse. The torch, carried by Gwinnett’s public high school cross country and track teams, will eventually cover more than 200 miles and visit historic sites, public facilities, and cities. A traveling Gwinnett County history exhibit will accompany the torch to many of these locations. You can go online to view the torch’s scheduled stops.

Bicentennial Gear
You can also wear your Gwinnett pride with a purchase of bicentennial gear. Proceeds go to the Gwinnett Parks Foundation.

Community Celebration
The celebration will culminate in a party at Infinite Energy Center on December 15, 2018, the County’s 200th birthday. Stay tuned for details about the grand finale.