Gwinnett County recycling statistics

With the countywide trash program in Gwinnett, unincorporated residents are doing their part to reduce their impact on the environment. Now more items than ever can be recycled at the curb, and residents have recycled more than 57,000 tons of waste since the solid waste program’s start in July 2010.

Be a part of the initiative to reduce landfill space by recycling as many items as possible. You can print this flyer and place it on your refrigerator as a reminder of the many curbside recyclables (on recycled paper, of course). And don’t worry; you’ll make up for the paper used to print this flyer by recycling!

Remember: If you are able to recycle so many additional items that you can’t fit everything in the recycling bin provided by your hauler, that's no problem and no extra charge. You can use additional bins, including your old 95-gallon trash cart, for recycling. Just make sure your bins are clearly marked “recyclables.” Please note that your hauler can charge you for trash that exceeds your 95-gallon trash bin, but feel free to recycle as much as possible!