Test your home this January as part of National Radon Awareness Month

Radon, a colorless, odorless, naturally occurring gas, is the second most-common cause of lung cancer and it could be in your home.

Georgia is No. 1 in the Southeast for radon-induced cancer, and according to the UGA Extension, 22 to 28 percent of all homes in Gwinnett significant levels of radon. Radon typically enters a building directly from the soil through the lowest level in the building.

You can buy a radon test kit from UGA Extension Gwinnett to learn if you need to mitigate the levels of radon in your home. The kit includes test instructions and ways to measure results.

The UGA Extension Gwinnett Office is located at 750 South Perry Street in Lawrenceville.

To learn more, call 678.377.4010.