GCPD Hiring Event Results

(Lawrenceville, Georgia)  After months and months of planning, the Gwinnett County Police Department Hiring Event this past weekend didn’t disappoint.  We were looking to fill about 20 Communications Officer positions and over 100 police positions.  The event was scheduled for Saturday, August 5, and Sunday, August 6 between 8am and 6pm. 

Before 8am on Saturday, August 5, applicants lined up outside the Defensive Tactics room of the Gwinnett Police Training Center at 854 Winder Highway in unincorporated Lawrenceville.  Applicants signed in to begin the process. 

The GCPD application process is divided into two phases: Phase I & Phase II.  Each phase takes about 6 weeks to complete depending on the applicant’s history, references, and other factors.  This Hiring Event was designed to significantly reduce the amount of time that it would have normally taken.

Applicants for the police positions completed all of Phase I including the Physical Fitness Assessment, which consists of 29 sit-ups in one minute, 1.5 mile run in 14:46 or less, and a single bench press of 72% of the applicant’s body weight. 

There were about 170 applicants for the police positions.  Thirty-seven (37) of those received a conditional job offer.

There were about 176 applicants for the 911 Center positions.  Twenty (20) of those received a conditional job offer. 

So, what’s next for those with conditional job offers?  The applicants will be entering Phase II of the application process.  He/she will be assigned a Backgrounds Investigator within the upcoming weeks.  The Investigator will schedule a polygraph examination, psychological testing, medical exam, and conduct reference checks.  Several necessary documents will be gathered during this phase.  After successful completion of this phase, the applicant may be given a Final Job Offer. 

Our hiring process is still active. If someone is interested in applying for our vacant police and 911 positions, we encourage them to apply at www.gwinnettpolicejobs.com

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