Woman Stabbed and Involved in Several Vehicle Accidents

(Lilburn, Georgia)  Gwinnett County Police are actively investigating an early morning stabbing call that was received shortly after 8 a.m. on the 1000 block of Oak Road. Police arrived to find a blue passenger car in the roadway and paramedics treating a woman. Police have since learned that a woman was traveling down Oak Road when she stopped in the roadway and was hit in the rear. Following the accident, she pulled into a shopping center parking lot and then quickly back onto the roadway. She then stopped her vehicle, got out covered in blood, and began walking towards a wood line. Prior to the last accident, she was involved in at least two other accidents near the intersection of Five Forks Trickum near Oak Road.

A passing tow truck driver saw the woman covered in blood and stopped to assist. A crew of Gwinnett County paramedics operating Medic 22 from Fire Station 22 also saw the woman in distress and stopped to render aid. She was ultimately transported to Gwinnett Medical Center with superficial stab injuries and is expected to survive. At this point, detectives are working to determine where the stabbing took place, why the woman was involved in several accidents, and why she stopped her vehicle in the roadway.  

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