(Lawrenceville, Ga., Aug. 25, 2017) – Gwinnett County Commissioners recently awarded two construction projects with pedestrians in mind. One will build sidewalks in the Peachtree Corners area and the other will bring special flashing beacons for mid-block crossings to the Hamilton Mill and Bunten Road areas. Both projects are funded by the 2014 SPLOST program.

Rectangular rapid flashing beacons are relatively new devices that help increase driver compliance in yielding to pedestrians in a crosswalk, especially at mid-block crossings. Ohmshiv Construction LLC will install beacons at existing mid-block crossings on Hamilton Mill Parkway and on Bunten Road at Bunten Road Park and Mason Elementary School. Ohmshiv was the lowest of four responsive bids at $230,125.

District 1 Commissioner Jace Brooks said, “The flashing beacons will be a great addition to this area as students and their parents walk to and from school.”         

District 2 Commissioner Lynette Howard said the sidewalk project reflects ongoing efforts by the County and the city of Peachtree Corners to work together to benefit residents of the area. “We will build about a mile of new sidewalks to help make the Peachtree Corners area more walkable,” said District 2 Commissioner Lynette Howard. “This project will make it safer for people who want to run, walk, or who get around in wheelchairs. And the more connectivity we have, the more we encourage people to be active and to enjoy nearby amenities.”

The new sidewalks will run:

  • Along the west side of SR 140/Holcomb Bridge Road/Jimmy Carter Boulevard from north of SR 141/Peachtree Parkway to Crooked Creek Road,
  • On the west side of Crooked Creek Road from SR 140/Holcomb Bridge Road to Woodmont Boulevard, and
  • On the south side of Technology Parkway from SR 141/Peachtree Parkway to the existing sidewalk.

Like many sidewalk projects, these will also include curb, gutter and drainage improvements. Glosson Enterprises was the lowest of four responsive bids for that project at $896,577.50.

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